How it works

The easiest way to get professional videos.

Our e-books help you shoot the perfect video with your phone or camera. Upload your footage on our secured server, and we take care of the rest. 

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A simple but effective workflow

Record your video

We guide you through the process of recording the best video possible. On phone and camera. 

Upload your footage

Done shooting? Upload your footage to our secured server for our editors to start working on your  project.

We edit your footage

This is where our skills of editing come in. Based on your requirements, we edit your footage into a film.

Download & share

After feedback and approval, you get to download your new film and share it with your audience!

Free E-books on how
to record your movie

We understand filming your own videos can be overwhelming. What camera to use? How do I set up my lights? Where do I place my microphone? 

All these questions, and many more, will be answered in our free e-books. 

Free royalty free music

Music can be key in some movies. We have a full commercial license at different platforms. This way we always have the right music for your movie, and you don’t have to worry about copyright claims.

Videos in any size for any platform

Do you need to distribute your video on multiple channels? We offer a free service, where we will resize your videos to match the desired platform’s requirements. 

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