Every business needs video. And no matter what business you run of what product to promote, we can help you out. We’ve helped clothing brands, distilleries, artists, NGO’s, corporations, online teachers and the list keeps going. Our experienced editors can handle any job.

Every video is unique. So is the pricing. The cost of your video depends on elements like, total length of video, total length of uploaded footage, 1 or 2 camera’s, B-roll footage, voice over or interviews and some more. Together we will go over your requests and find you the right solution.

An hour interview with 2 cameras takes longer to edit than a 15 sec Instagram ad. 

Before we start we will discuss the planning to make sure you can share your videos when you need to.

Yes, most likely! Each project has 2 revisions. You can list all the elements you’d like to see changed.

Actually we do! You Film We Edit partnered with Lats X Longs, a video agency based in Amsterdam (NL) and Philadelphia (USA). 

You can upload your footage via our secure server. You can also upload your footage in the cloud (Google Drive/Dropbox etc) and share the link with us. Make sure you set the permissions correctly so that we can open it.