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We change moments into films

We started You Film We Edit because we believe, most people can shoot great videos. We live in a day and age, where phones have incredible camera’s, people consume more video than ever, but editing, still requires more dedication.

Over the last couple of years, we have had the pleasure to produce video content for a a wide variety of clients. But times change and in line with current demand, we used our experience to create something the market was asking for: You Film We Edit.

We like

happy clients.

I realized I was putting too much time in video editing while I should be focusing on my core business: Online personal training. As soon as I started working with You Film We Edit, I had time again to focus on my business development and increasing my clientelle. I could not be happier with the work You Film We Edit did for me. And I will definitely come back.

Fab40Fit - personal training

Nancy E.

Our studio runs a weekly live stream, and we were desperately in need of video editing support to help us build our social media following. We knew we had to create a lot of content, You Film We Edit came with an amazing deal that allowed us to keep doing what we love, and spread this with the world. For a very decent price!! Thanks a lot YFWE, this will be a long term partnership with Studio Strip.

Studio Strip

Amilcar v. M.

We are always looking for talent.

You Film We Edit is constantly looking for talent to support our growing team. Are. you a freelance editor or looking for a new cool internship? Join us and work with other editors on a wide variety of projects.